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Common questions after ordering:

Why hasn't my tracking link updated even though I received a shipping confirmation email?

We utilize bulk shipping to our U.S. fulfillment center on some items going to the U.S. This means that your tracking link will update with an ETA once it passes customs. This process may take 2-3 weeks after receiving your shipping confirmation email depending on the speed of customs.

The first date on your tracking link is the start date of production.

Why haven't I received my tracking link?

Your tracking link can be found after clicking the "View Your Order" button in your order confirmation or shipping confirmation email.

If you have not received any emails, you may need to contact us. You may have placed your order with a different email. This usually happens when paying with a third party payment provider like PayPal. There may have also been a typo during checkout. We can quickly update your information in our system and resend out the emails.

View more at our FAQs page

If your question in still unanswered, feel free to contact us. If your question is in regards to an order, please include your order number so that we can quickly look up your info in our system. Thank you!